Leak Repairs


If you have water stains that extend across ceilings or run down walls, the cause is probably a leaky roof. TPMO is here to help you with the hard part, tracking down the leak, and the easy part, the repair. If you have a leaky roof, it’s best to fix it immediately. Even small leaks can lead to large problems such as mold, rotted framing, and sheathing destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings.


Have you noticed watermarks around areas of your windows? If your drainpipes and gutters are not functioning properly, water can be directed towards the house and a windows seal or flashing can’t always handle it. By fixing your gutters and resealing your windows, we can solve your leak problems. If you have older windows, leakage can also be an issue, this may be a sign that the windows need to be replaced.


Siding leaks occur when rainwater leaks from the gutter and ends up behind the siding. This Can lead to the wall rotting. To know if your siding is leaking, you may see water at the top of the foundation, running down or leaving a stain. To repair this, TPMO will remove the siding from the affected wall, determine the extent of the damage, and then proceed with the necessary repairs.


TPMO is here to help you identify and repair plumbing leaks. Showers have the most common leaks either from water seepage from beneath the frame or splash leaks. Tile, toilet, drain and sink leaks are also common; it is necessary to fix any plumbing leaks to prevent further damage to your subfloors, cabinetry, or other areas that can be damaged by water.


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